NOAC 2015 Update!

Things are really starting to take shape for NOAC! Vans are booked, we're locked in for Cedar Point, we locked in for a trip to the Great Lakes Science Museum in Downtown Cleveland and are looking at a hotel not too far away from there.

So I wanted to update you on the various fundraisers we have going on to help support the NOAC Contingent, please support these events if you are able. I will try to keep reminding you folks of these events as they get closer. We are still working to book a few others to help pad the fund as much as possible. If you know of any business that is willing to setup a fundraiser in your area please reach out to Herb Dodds or Mrs. Riggio with as much detail as possible.

  • Thursday, March 19, 6-9pm, The Pop Shop in Collingswood
  • Sunday, April 19th, 11a-1pm, Brunswick Zone, Turnersville
  • Tuesday, April 28, 5-9 YoGo night at Millville YoGo
  • Wednesday, May 20, 5-8 Pizza Hut Night at Vineland Pizza Hut
  • Friday, June 26, 7pm Scout Night at the Riversharks (See Flyer Below)
  • Saturday, June 27th, 9a-5p Arrowtour & Trade O Ree @ Rowan Resource Center

The NOAC Patches are in and the Black Border Traders will be available for purchase at the cost of $4 each. Each patch sold puts money back into the NOAC account so you are really helping yourself. You will be able to purchase these patches at the Rowan and Riggins Scout Shops and at Roosevelt during summer camp. They will also be available during all OA events. Each delegate will receive six silver border patches at a later time closer to the departure of the event. We want these to be the talk of NOAC!

Speaking of Arrowtour we will need everyone's help with that event as we are hosting a Trade O Ree alongside it. These two events are going to really spotlight our Lodge and Council, it will be a great opportunity to showcase what the order is about and what we have to offer in this council. Keep up to date with this event,

Inductions Chairmen Needed!

Written by Patti Judd, Associate Lodge Adviser - Inductions     

     Welcome to 2015 and the 2nd year of Lenape Lodge 8! Forming a new Lodge from two very active groups is a huge undertaking. It requires the participation of experienced individuals, but also many new members with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. You are that arrowman!  The Inductions Committees are asking you to step up and become the person that helps make this new lodge grow and be successful. You were elected to become a member of this “brotherhood of cheerful service” because of the leadership traits that your fellow scouts and scouters recognized. This is the time to show your unit and yourself what you are capable of doing!
     The many activities of Lenape Lodge are broken down into small, manageable sections (committees). Each committee has a very specific responsibility; together they cause the entire lodge to run smoothly. Committee chairmen are the youth members that head the committees and enable the lodge to function efficiently. advisers are the adult members that mentor these youth leaders.
     Youth members interested in becoming a chairman or helping on a committee should contact Mike Healy, the Vice-Chief of Inductions, . Adults that are willingly to become advisers can e-mail Patti Judd, Associate adviser of Inductions, Arrowmen are needed to fill the following vacant positions. 

  • Unit Elections: Is responsible for scheduling, conducting and reporting all OA troop elections. This is how we grow and acquire new members. We are in need of an adviser and also scouts to fill out the committee and help with elections.
  • Elangomats: Is the first contact and the first good impression that new members see in our lodge. They guide and instruct candidates through the induction weekend. We can always find a spot for interested youth and there is an adviser position available.
  • Ceremonies: Provides the mystic of the inductions experience. They conduct the various ceremonies that turn candidates into lodge members, Ordeal members into Brotherhood members  and honor those brothers that are nominated to become Vigil members. Two dedicated chairman are needed for this challenging committee and anyone interested in becoming a ceremonialist is always welcome.
  • Cub/Scout Reach: Is responsible for sparking interest in the Order of the Arrow. They reach out to the younger scouts and through various programs show them the fun and benefits of cheerful service while helping them learn and grow in scouting. This committee really needs two youth chairmen as well as two adult advisers.
  • Brotherhood: helps to identify and encourage those members that have been Ordeal member for more than 10 months and are eligible to seal their membership and become Brotherhood members. This committee currently has chairman and advisers, but surely would appreciate help.

Thank You!

Adviser's Thoughts on Frank Eggert

Written by Al Thorpe - Lodge Adviser

A recent memorial service for one of our Vigil members gave me pause to think about a few things and how they were so relevant to what we should all be doing every day.  Frank Eggert passed away a few weeks ago, and I think many people really didn't know Frank. I surly did not realize the depth of his knowledge and the legacy he had left behind. Some of you may remember him as the guy with the chain saw, or the man who worked on the trails at Roosevelt. But Frank was an environmentalist not by trade but by love of the outdoors and the forest. I think there never was a tree Frank did not like so long as they were in their native area. While many of us done what we intended or were asked to do at camp Frank found the trails of Roosevelt to be his calling, spending many days a week working, clearing, repairing them and making them enjoyable for the scouts to hike. It was in one of these trails Frank asked the OA to help repair a bridge washed out by a summer rain storm. While pondering how to do this we both agreed that a new bridge anchored to the banks would have a better survival rate in the future, so we built a suspension bridge 26 feet across.

Point being Frank looked at the big picture. We could have carried the old one back up but by the next storm we would be doing it again and again. That was Frank always looking at the big picture in the outdoors and he shared that with all of the camp. I always wondered why Frank spent so many hours on those trails. Now I understand what he was doing and what he wanted that picture to look like. The trails of Roosevelt will be much more lonely now and surly unless someone takes that torch they will fall into disrepair.  His Vigil name was Nechochwen, which translates to “He who walks alone”.