Frank Eggert

 A recent memorial service for one of our Vigil members gave me pause to think about a few things and how they were so relevant to what we should all be doing every day.  Frank Eggert passed away a few weeks ago, and I think many people really didn't know Frank. I surly did not realize the depth of his knowledge and the legacy he had left behind. Some of you may remember him as the guy with the chain saw, or the man who worked on the trails at Roosevelt. But Frank was an environmentalist not by trade but by love of the outdoors and the forest. I think there never was a tree Frank did not like so long as they were in their native area. While many of us done what we intended or were asked to do at camp Frank found the trails of Roosevelt to be his calling, spending many days a week working, clearing, repairing them and making them enjoyable for the scouts to hike. It was in one of these trails Frank asked the OA to help repair a bridge washed out by a summer rain storm. While pondering how to do this we both agreed that a new bridge anchored to the banks would have a better survival rate in the future, so we built a suspension bridge 26 feet across.


Point being Frank looked at the big picture. We could have carried the old one back up but by the next storm we would be doing it again and again. That was Frank always looking at the big picture in the outdoors and he shared that with all of the camp. I always wondered why Frank spent so many hours on those trails. Now I understand what he was doing and what he wanted that picture to look like. The trails of Roosevelt will be much more lonely now and surly unless someone takes that torch they will fall into disrepair.  His Vigil name was Nechochwen, which translates to “He who walks alone”.